Top soil (upper 2-8 inches of soil)  in Florida is generally sparse and good material is notoriously difficult to find. Also referred to as loam, our topsoil is blended specifically for use in the area’s naturally occurring sandy soil and it’s in this layer that you find the highest concentration of organic matter and various microorganisms that sustain plant life. It’s this decomposed matter that gives top soil it’s dark color. These nutrients are essential as erosion caused by Florida’s heavy rains make for difficult growing conditions. In nature, it takes nearly 500 years to make one inch of new topsoil. Some popular uses are:

  • Improving your general soil quality
  • Resodding- use topsoil as a base for your new sod
  • Grass Seeding – helps your new grass develop a good root base
  • Athletic Fields – use before laying down fertilizer

We offer top soil delivery in quantities of 3 – 18 cubic yards, with 18 yards being a full truckload and your overall best value. LTL deliveries are available but your best price per cubic yard will come from ordering a full load.

Topsoil delivery Tampa

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