Fill Dirt

Fill dirt in Florida is generally a sandy material. The color varies depending on which layer of subsoil is being excavated. Most commonly this soil is tan or brown in color. Our fill dirt is clean, compactable and clear of organic matter, rocks , debris, or general contamination. Presence of these materials in your backfill can cause cause unwanted settling which can result in damage to the structure being placed on top of the soil not to mention dangerous. Beware of contractors offering to deliver cheap fill dirt, as you generally get what you pay for. Some common uses for fill dirt are:

  • Structural fill when preparing a house pad for a foundation
  • Filling in holes or low areas of your yard
  • Building berms
  • Sod preparation
  • Raise the grade of your land to solve drainage issues
  • Fill in a swimming pool

We deliver fill dirt by the truckload, which is approximately 18 cubic yards. LTL (less than truckload) deliveries are available, but you will get the most value from a full load. Price is largely dependent on the delivery location and can vary greatly depending on material availability. Due to various factors, we can not control the color or makeup of products sold as clean fill dirt. All fill dirt orders are guaranteed to be clean, uncontaminated, and free of debris such as rocks, glass, or other organic debris.