Compost is rich in nutrients and is a key ingredient in organic farming. Experts recommend three inches of compost be added to flower and garden beds each growing season.  Our premium organic compost is a mixture of brush, grass clippings, and leaves.  It is hot composted through the windrow composting process to eliminate any pathogens or weed seeds.  It is allowed to compost for a year to fully realize its potential when added to your garden.  This compost is certified through the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance program.

Organic Compost Tampa

 After adding three inches of compost to your garden, till it in to a depth of six inches.  This thorough mixing allows the compost to aerate your soil, improve drainage and moisture retention, and add nutrients for your plants.  The compost acts as a sponge, absorbing moisture so that your plants are not sitting in water, then releasing it slowly back to the soil as the plants need it.

Compost can be added to any bed to improve the soil and produce bigger, healthier plants.  We can deliver compost from one yard to multiple truckloads. Call (813) 358-8990 and order your compost today. For more information on composting, the City of Tampa has put together a wonderful resource here.

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